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About Me

 My name is Joshua Christie and I am a traveling portrait and wedding photographer based in, but not limited to, northern New Jersey. I first got involved with cameras by messing around with a friend's DSLR, then officially through the media ministry at my church in 2014. In 2017 I started my very own photography company — Purpose Portraits — and I've gone on to see my work featured in The NY Times, Truly’s Shake My Beauty, and Braven’s Annual Impact Reports. Through the lens of the camera I seek to create memorable moments, capture them, and evidently captivate clients with images that last forever. In recent years I've been working on various creative projects, like creating fashion magazine -- Manasseh Magazine -- in the Spring of 2019, and launching my clothing brand, Called Out Kingdom, in 2020. You can check out my personal portfolio and other work I've done on my site:


9807AB05-1564-4DAB-81B5-716BD9189E09 - Misba Gani.jpeg

Misba & Amir

We had such a great and fun time doing my engagement session. He was so open to trying and experimenting new poses and ideas while sharing his as well and I think that’s very important.

9F6C0DCC-6272-412D-B482-567BA9DF8BDB - Tiffany Danielian.jpeg

Tiffany 'Tifa'

Joshua was very cordial and experienced, and made me extremely comfortable in my photoshoot session with him! I loved his creative vision and how memorable he has made this experience for me. He was very time-effective as well!


Suzanne & Kurt

Josh did an amazing job with our wedding photos. He captured that day perfectly and we have had so many compliments on the quality of our photos. We have recommended him to family and friends because not only is his work high quality, he is an amazing person to work with. He is professional and kind, and worked hard to make sure our requests were met.we highly recommend josh!

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